A Journey Into Cellular Regeneration


8 min read (1822 words) 2021 has been a transformative year for me, as I know it has been for many. For me, transformation and regeneration centred on my existing journey of cleansing and healing. Knowledge in this area shifts and grows as I make new discoveries and tap into modalities that were more hidden.…

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The Healing Effects of Walking Barefoot

4 min read (907 words) Earthing or grounding therapy connects us to the energy of the Earth which is healthy for our body and soul. Whilst there is a definite ‘New-Age’ attraction to this concept of energetically connecting with Mother Gaia, earthing also has a scientific basis which explains how effective the practice is. Why you…

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Returning to Sovereignty

The word Sovereignty highlighted in a dictionary

5 min read (1067 words) Introduction In 2020, I attended ‘Sovereign Sisters’, an event designed to bring women and their allies together. The intention was to talk about how to reclaim and reassert our sovereignty over ourselves and our food systems. As well as our economies so we could take care of ourselves and our communities.…

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