A Journey Into Cellular Regeneration

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2021 has been a transformative year for me, as I know it has been for many. For me, transformation and regeneration centred on my existing journey of cleansing and healing. Knowledge in this area shifts and grows as I make new discoveries and tap into modalities that were more hidden. There are always greater heights to reach with the expansion of this knowledge. 

In mid June, I had my first iridology analysis. Iridology  is a study of the iris of the eyes, as it relates to cellular weaknesses and lymphatic stagnation. Every cell in our body reflects itself through the autonomic nervous system to the central nervous system and optic nerves. As tissues become weakened and congested (acidic), changes occur in the fibres of the iris of the eye. The iris fibres have been mapped out and correspondingly relate to tissues in the body. By observing iris colour changes, we can analyse our body’s strengths, weaknesses and degrees of stagnation within the lymphatic system.

My analysis was enlightening and identified a range of health issues classified as ‘acute, sub-acute and chronic’. Fortunately no degenerative issues were found. One of the main issues highlighted was a big build up of sulphur and drug deposits in my organs. Sporadic use of antibiotics and medication, including 14-years on hormonal contraception, recreational drug use and vaccines contributed to this. Sulphur and drug stagnation can cause gas, bloating, malabsorption, fungal issues and depression. My iridology analysis helped me to make sense of many of the ailments I had been experiencing since my teens, and gave me guidance on what I needed to do to naturally heal them.

The ‘whats, whys and hows’ of my health issues

The health issues I had suffered with throughout my life were: 

  • From childhood onward, I experienced digestive issues, ranging from constipation and bloating to intense abdominal pain.
  • Having a seizure at 10 years old resulted in a further year of observation by hospitals and specialists.
  • Colds and tonsillitis resulted in being prescribed medication and antibiotics sporadically through my childhood.  
  • Having experienced heart palpitations and the inability to breathe at 23 led to an ECG scan and prescriptive medication. I stopped taking this after the first tablet as it made me dizzy and nauseous.
  • A trapped nerve in my shoulder blade at 24 left me with 13 years of daily low level joint pain. On several occasions my body would stiffen to the point of immobility leaving me bedridden for days.
  • On one occasion, a concentrated ball of pain at the back of my head dissolved and spread throughout my head. Causing excruciating pain and like nothing I had ever felt before, I was bed bound for 3 days. I was a frequent visitor at the chiropractic clinic and would often take pain killers to help alleviate my suffering.
  • Nine months of abnormal smear tests indicated pre-cancerous cells, resulting in a biopsy to remove 9mm of cervical tissue.
  • I suffered from depressive moods throughout my adult life, and experienced suicidal ideation. There was one occasion that I remember most acutely. 
  • Developing herpes in my early 30s, and then reversing it by my mid 30s. 

Dedication to healing

Since 2017, I’ve dedicated my life to learning more about what creates poor health. In that time, I’ve discovered much about the contributing factors and reasons for my health issues. Looking back at the first 32 years of my life, I could clearly see how the lifestyle choices I made had an impact on my overall health and why I was becoming ill so frequently. 

The choices I made are just a few of many that tend to be considered ‘normal’ in the modern world. But these are very damaging when done day in and day out. Cellular detoxification and regeneration teaches us that the choices we make are the reason that sickness – in all its manifestations – is able to hamper our quality of life, or in extreme cases to cause serious ill health. Until we can recognise these choices for the bodily abuses that they are, we will be at the mercy of the damaging and debilitating ailments they cause. 

From Iridology to cellular detoxification and regeneration

My iridology analysis was all I needed to commit to a deep dive into my own cellular detoxification and regeneration journey. I was ready to take full responsibility for my own health, and I knew from experience that when it came to healing myself, I had to be sovereign. 

In July 2021, after four and a half years of being plant based, I entered into a year long liquid cleanse to deepen my healing. Within a 12 month period, I spent 220 days liquids which included water, coconut water, fruits juices and green juices. The longest period of time I went with no solid food was 75 days. 10 days on coconut water, 16 days on spring water, and then 49 days on grape juice.

During this time I witnessed my body expel toxins which I feel had been laying in my system for years. I literally shed a new layer of skin over a 3 day period. I was having up to 6 bowel movements a day from month 2 of only on liquids, and all of my senses heightened, including my connection to a power greater than me.

Spiritual Fasting

Fasting has been a spiritual practice for millennia. Its intersection of the physical and metaphysical produces uniquely potent, senses-arousing effects that bridge the often too-wide gap between mind-body-soul. I compare the physical benefits of fasting to its spiritual benefits; in the same way that fasting balances the body’s hormones and renews its cells, it recalibrates the soul’s priorities. In fasting, we both purify the body, and clarify the soul.

The physical denial of healthy fasting was necessary for me to clear the way for gaining spiritual clarity. During my fast, I had much more energy to focus on prayer, meditation, and other forms of spiritual contemplation. This opened the door to a deeper connection with my higher self. It was a deeply profound experience which impacted my life in many ways. The result was a re-member-ing of the ‘self’, and what I came here to do in this lifetime. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to dedicate such a large proportion of my time to a fasted state and to commune with the Divine in such a way.

The main benefits of my cellular detoxification process 

Proper digestive function 

I felt my digestive system come alive again as it didn’t have to process an endless supply of heavy foods. My agni (fire) returned and I was able to see how deeply the digestive system is connected to mental health.

Optimal bowel function 

I was able to have up to four bowel movements a day – when I hadn’t eaten solids for months! You may wonder how this is possible, but I’ve come to learn that the average person carries 20KG of old faeces in their colon. This results in not only constipation, but toxins from the stagnant faeces release into the body and cause further issues with acidosis. The mental clarity I experienced when my colon was completely empty is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I’ve since realised that sadly, pretty much the entire population has some kind of brain fog due to this build up of acids and faeces within the colon. There is a direct direct link between our digestive system and our brain which we need to become more aware of.

Trusting my body

I fully surrendered to my body and trusted it to know exactly what it needed to do to heal. This was incredibly empowering and taught me that I have all the tools I needed built into my system. With the support of knowledgeable detox specialists, I was able to gain reassurance that my body’s reaction was normal.

Trauma healing

I witnessed the surfacing of deep rooted trauma, including old patterns and narratives that I thought I had dealt with. In their last attempt to capture my consciousness, I was called to deal with these head on, which I was much more able to do now that my being was not so firmly anchored into toxic overload. 

Other positive changes in my body, mind and spirit 

There are many other noteworthy benefits I got from cellular detoxification, all making a big difference to my overall state, every day. As the acidity, toxicity, inflammation and faeces left my system, and I’ve spent the last year transitioning into a (mainly) living food diet, I’ve noticed the following benefits:

  • Falling sleep within minutes and wake up feeling fresh and ready to start the day.
  • Having little to no neck or upper back pain anymore.
  • My digestive system is on and I feel food flowing through my system with more ease, although it’s not perfect…yet!
  • My skin looks and feels fresh, as if I had shed the old, dull layer.
  • The dark circles under my eyes are reducing.
  • My hearing has improved, and I am often hearing sounds and frequencies from higher dimensions (some call these ‘light codes’).
  • My eyes are brighter and clearer in the physical sense, but equally I feel that I see the world more clearly, including renewed creative motivation.
  • I lost a significant amount of weight because of all the acidity I released. I’m now rebuilding that weight in muscle and lean fat, and on stronger foundations.
  • I’m generally much happier and more confident in my being. I find myself smiling a lot more and feel so much more ‘my-Self’ than I did previously.

Where I am now

I had my six month follow up iridology analysis in mid January 2022 to and I’m delighted to share that I’m steadily making improvements in all areas of my health. However, as I spent a lifetime consuming food not designed for our species and putting chemicals into my temple, it will take some years to fully detox all of those acids out of my system, and to repair my colon and digestive system, which is proving to be the most affected area of my body. 

However, I know with absolute certainty that I am healing as I experience this renewed vitality, energy and clarity every single day. Now I know how to heal myself naturally, I’m committed to this path of regeneration through living foods, intermittent fasting, living in service, meditation and prayer. Never have I been so excited to grow older and I cannot wait to watch my journey and health unfold over my coming lifetime. 

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