Success Stories

"For about a year before I joined Discover Yourself, my periods were about 55 days apart. I had visited my GP who suggested going on the Pill, but I really didn't want to do that due to all the side effects they can cause. Within 2 months of being on Discover Yourself, my period came at 26 days, which was amazing! I also started to see patterns in my emotional state. It's such a good feeling as I feel so much more connected to myself and my body."

Mairi | Trainee Counsellor 

"Even after years of yoga, spirituality and self inquiry I've never known myself as well as I do after having taken Discover Yourself. The beautiful takeaway, the wisdom and inner knowing deepens more each and every month. I feel inspired to follow the whispers of my heart and to truly step into my life's work with a deep inner trust that God/Goddess is holding and guiding me. I've never felt as held by the divine as I have since this course. Truly, there's life before and after MCA. Soraya is a rare, and remarkably beautiful teacher. In such a raw and real way, she connects straight to her student's hearts. She has this archetypal Mama Earth strength and wisdom that makes you feel safe, held and seen. You know that what she is sharing is both deeply personal and a universal truth. Soraya has this ability to hold the space with such depth and power. If you work with her, you will feel connected to yourself more than ever. You'll come away with a sense of inner confidence and trust in your divine purpose."

Mary-Sarah | Yoga Teacher

"I had such a difficult relationship with my menstrual cycle before joining the programme, but now, that's all changed. I feel like I know my body on such a deeper level, and it just gets better each day. It's been a joy working with Soraya. She is an incredibly strong, resilient, spiritual woman and fiercely committed to the individual. Really quite powerfully vulnerable in a way that so many are never able to be. She is truly one of a kind and I'm thankful to know her."

Pascale | Volunteer Manager

"Soraya’s strength is lifting and connecting people to their truth - their divine essence. She creates sisterhood, connection and community. I find that her mentoring is geared toward embodiment, wholeness, this sense of coming home to the self - of recognising the divine potential within. Soraya is a woman’s woman and a true role model; wholely and unapologetically herself whilst celebrating other women.”

Anya | Service Advisor

"My relationship with my husband is healing beautifully, he wants to know what is happening and listens to all I share about what I'm learning. Cycle awareness is allowing me to fall in love with myself which helps him to relax and shifts into holding space for himself instead of himself and me."

Alex | Wife & Mother

"What if all women in yoga teaching/business/leadership led & taught fully embracing the feminine cycles? What if all women in these positions encourage the softness and ease of the feminine; encourage rest over pushing through; instead of turning out content and doing doing, that instead, we encourage the sweetness and stillness in quality classes/content/lessons that are birthed from that woman giving herself lots of time to be with Her Self? Soraya is a catalyst for this and gathering us women to initiate this process.”

Sadhana | Yoga Teacher

"Taking Discover Yourself has greatly improved my gratitude. It's made the process of my cycle more intimate, and even though I don't identify as a woman - I'm nonbinary but my pronouns are they/she- , I feel like my cycle is the greatest blessing to my spiritual growth and the bridge between my spirit, body and mind."

Ari | Interpreter

"Throughout the duration of working with Soraya, I was encouraged us to show up exactly as I was and I always left feeling nurtured with new knowledge and practices to implement. I would highly recommend working with Soraya to anyone looking to reconnect with the power and wisdom of themselves."

Lyla | International Student Coordinator

“By charting my cycle and learning to anticipate when I might be feeling more vulnerable, I now know that during certain seasons of my cycle, I might need extra rest, support from loved ones, or simply more time for myself.This awareness has empowered me to take control of my mental health in a way I never thought possible.”

Debbie | English Teacher

"I am honestly surprised by the level of insight I have gained from the practice of menstrual cycle awareness. While on the surface it may appear to be such a simple practice it has yielded a gentle yet profound awakening in me. It has enabled me to develop a greater understanding of myself and to hold space for my changing emotional and physical states with greater compassion and kindness. In developing this greater understanding of self I find my relationship with my partner is more harmonious, as I am better able to understand and communicate my changing needs. Soraya is a kind and luminous guide. I am so grateful to her for introducing this practice into my life and for her gentle wisdom and encouragement throughout. I'm thankful for her sensitive guidance and intuitive insights."

Samantha | Yoga Teacher

"Soraya is a truly magical woman and Mentor. She has opened up my eyes and heart to a whole new world I was unaware of. Sharing her Menstrual Cycle teachings with us with the simplest and purest intention of wanting to help us connect with our true selves, and you can feel this throughout your time with her. She is a supportive, attentive, and gentle teacher, but with a fierceness and power that shines through her.”

Meliz | Finance Manager

"Working with Soraya has been a beautiful light on my journey to myself. Throughout our time together, I started to understand more about the deep meaning of my life and what a precious gift it is. Working with Soraya has inspired me to become more authentic."

Lou | Web Design Entrepreneur

"Is this magic? Since working with Soraya and taking her advice about resting more, I have had sex with my husband more in the last two weeks than we have had in months! Also, I have psoriasis and I took a bath in my blood and my skin felt so much better afterwards. I feel like I'm becoming a new woman. More mature. More aware. More wise. I can't believe it!"

Manuela | Wife, Mother and Artist

"Enrolling onto Discover Yourself and working with Soraya has taken my relationship with myself and inner guidance to a whole new level. Beware. Soraya is one powerful sister!"

Viv | Community Organiser