Welcome! I'm Soraya.

I'm a Medicine Woman, Women's Coach and Menstrual Mentor, and I advocate that a healthy menstrual cycle is the foundation of a woman’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. I teach women how their body’s natural, cyclical rhythm can empower them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being, and how it serves as a portal to heightened states of consciousness. I love being the 'witness' of remembrance in women because there is no greater gift than a woman return to herself.

My Menstrual Journey

At 18, I started taking hormonal contraception, unaware of how it could affect my health and well-being. For 14 years, I battled with digestive issues, cervical dysplasia, mental health issues, suicidal feelings, and a range of other ailments, feeling like a stranger in my own body. When my marriage ended in 2017, I hit rock bottom, grasping for a lifeline to rediscover myself.

That lifeline came in the form of leaving the UK to explore alternative healthcare. Three years of soul-searching, meditation, and yoga followed, but still, I dealt with erratic mood swings that felt like a rollercoaster ride to nowhere. At times, because the highs and lows felt so extreme, I questioned if I might be suffering with a condition like Bipolar Disorder.

Then, I found Menstrual Cycle Awareness. Tracking my cycle unveiled a hidden rhythm to my emotions, aligning perfectly with the ebb and flow of hormonal energy. With this newfound insight, I embraced daily self-care rituals, nurturing a deeper connection with my body, mind, and spirit.

Within a year, the intense highs and lows melted into a serene equilibrium, and I found sustained peace within myself. It was as if Cycle Awareness had breathed new life into my existence, a revelation that extended beyond my own healing. I would often say to my Menstrual Mentor that I felt like Cycle Awareness had given me my life back.

I find that my menstrual cycle serves as a portal to heightened states of consciousness, particularly during my bleed. It symbolises creation and renewal, bridging the gap between the spiritual and material worlds. As a result, women are inherently equipped with a unique spiritual journey that I engage with on a daily basis.

As I delved deeper, I unearthed the truth about hormonal contraception and its impact on female health. My past struggles, I realised, were not inherent flaws but the consequences of taking synthetic hormones and external toxicity that I was allowing into my temple. With this understanding, I became an advocate for Women's Health and Cycle Awareness.

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Why Work With Me?
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Embarking on the journey of understanding the intricate dance between menstrual cycles and mental health can be transformative. Yet, navigating this terrain alone can feel overwhelming. That's where I step in. With just under 20 years of immersive experience in mentoring, coaching, holistic wellness and esoteric wisdom, I offer a unique blend of expertise tailored to women in search of deep insights into their overall well-being.

I provide a nurturing space for you to explore the profound connection between you menstrual and mental health. I've been initiated as a Menstruality Mentor, a Cellular Detoxification and Regenerative Specialist, a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, and a Reiki Healer, and I help women traverse a deep journey of self-healing, self-discovery and empowerment.

What sets me apart is not just the wealth of knowledge I bring, but the deeply personal approach I offer. Drawing from extensive experience mentoring individuals facing mental health challenges, addiction and homelessness, as well as my specialised focus on women's health and their female biology, I create a supportive environment for you to release, heal, explore and evolve.

Working with me isn't just about acquiring information; it's about undergoing a transformative journey guided by someone who has embodied the depths of holistic healing and spiritual practices. By joining one of my programmes, you not only gain invaluable insights into your body, mind and spirit, but you also receive the compassionate guidance and support needed to navigate your unique paths towards a better quality of life. 

For many years, I felt a sense of brokenness in both body and mind, convinced of an inherent flaw within myself. Having overcome various physical, menstrual, and mental health challenges, I embrace vitality, empowerment and spiritual connection with each passing day. My prayer is that you too experience this transformation and live a life of vibrant health.

In love, gratitude and vibrant health,


The Work of My Heart is The Divine