Are You Ready for Deep Transformation?

My students are those who are ready to have radically honest conversations about the truth of the world, and those who are ready to embrace the Truth of who they are. My mentorship is grounded in consciousness studies, esoteric knowledge, direct experience and practical psychology. This integrated combination enhances my ability to facilitate profound inner change within myself, my students, and the communities in which I live and work.

It’s an extraordinary time of transformation of consciousness on our planet. During this shift in Consciousness, many people are hearing the inner call to step into a much higher version of who they are and they are “awakening". Awakening marks the beginning of a transformative period; a time of unraveling, renewal, and potentially rapid growth in understanding who we are, our purpose, value and place in the world. You desire to step into a new way of being and to align the elements of your life to that emerging sense of a fully developed Self.

True transformation is a marked change from the status quo and invites us and all those we serve to commit to living differently. Less from the ego and more from presence, inner being, and our True Self. This requires beginning the challenging process of discovering what is authentically ours and not the influence of others. We bring our individual and collective darkness to the surface so that we can begin to let go of all that which does not reflect the 'I' at the core of our being.

To do this effectively and impactfully, spiritual mentoring requires new types of skills and tools as well as a broader capacity for self-awareness and perception. I help you to integrate meaning, purpose, and direction with what wants to emerge from the depth of your being. This is the actualisation of your full potential - your Divine Essence.

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Why Choose Me as Your Spiritual Mentor?

I’m an effective Spiritual Mentor because I’m engaged in a set of spiritual disciplines that connects me in loving and deep ways to The Divine. These practices augment my spiritual growth and enable me to grow into spiritual maturity. I draw from various religions and spiritual philosophies but have no dogmatic views. As a result, I offer a unique and personalised blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques to best support my students in their spiritual evolution.

I help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are and I support you in transcending your current struggles in life. I provide insight, encouragement, and wisdom in any area of your life and in time, you will learn how to trust yourself. You will learn how to listen to your intuition and take action to create the life that you want. I guide you in navigating your shadow aspects with compassion and I help you turn them into opportunities for growth. I teach you how to cultivate positive energy within yourself and around others.

I help you see things and understand yourself better and to guide you to uncover hidden insights about the world around you. This can help you move forward with confidence and intention and will lead to greater success in all areas of life. I teach you that self-responsibility is the key to becoming a conscious creator and how to become a master of your own life. I meet you exactly where you are, yet I encourage you to expand and become a little wiser each time we meet.

Working with me means both surrender and devotion, not to me, but to The Divine, which is actually your Self. This may be challenging at first, but I’ll support you in being able to surrender and let go of control. I won't teach you classes, instead, I'll guide you to live intuitively. I'll create an environment for your development where you'll learn to understand and fulfil your purpose. We don’t have an agenda or a set class schedule. We will move at your own pace and will work on what you most need in that moment.

As one begins to get a certain level of spiritual knowledge, there is a challenge of falling pray to ego inflation. One thinks that they are more advanced than they are and/or misuse their position to abuse others. I'm acutely aware of this and have a mature attitude toward this potential challenge. I'm dedicated to continuous deep inner work, I acknowledge that I make mistakes and that I'm not perfect. I'm a Sister on the path who is in a constant state of unlearning and learning, and I've been called to offer what I find of use to others to help with their growth and evolution.

Explore any of the following topics:

Meditation for Self-Realisation & Well-Being

Fasting for Healing & Spiritual Expansion

Energy Healing & Reiki Healing

Mystical Experiences

Cellular Detoxification & Regeneration

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Living Food as Medicine

Dark Room Expansion

Plant Medicine & Amphibian Medicine

Purification & Cleansing

Traditional Medicine


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