Discover Yourself: Menstrual Cycle Awareness Course

Discover Yourself is a 7-week, self study, menstrual cycle awareness course that will teach you the foundations of cyclic self-care, and give you practices and lifestyle guidance to help restore the natural rhythm of your cycle. On a physical level, your menstrual cycle helps us to support your vitality by showing you when you need more rest, better nutrition and less stress. There are times in your cycle when you are designed to celebrate, to create and to expand, and there are times for you to go within, to reflect, to release and to grieve. On a spiritual level, it becomes evident that you are already connected to a larger force at play. Your cycle allows us to drop into deeper states of insight and visioning, which is nourishing and deeply healing and you will learn that there is a sense of connectedness between you and The Divine.

Your Investment: $190

Discover Yourself will help you to:

Build trust in yourself

Strengthen your intuition

Deeply feel your worthiness

Alleviate and reverse menstrual issues

Experience a spiritual journey, unique to you

Cultivate deep states of mindfulness

Build discernment and set boundaries

Know when to rest, to create, to show yourself and to reflect

Transform your relationship with yourself and those around you

Know when you're ovulating so you can come off hormonal contraception