Free Meditations

The 3-minute awareness of breath meditation is designed to help you step out of automatic pilot and reconnect with the present moment. This practice can be very useful when negative thought patterns arise, attempting to push you into a downward spiral of emotional reactivity. By slowing down and turning into the present moment, with acceptance and compassion, this exercise can help you respond more skilfully to stressful situations instead of simply reacting to them.

Dealing with pain day in and day out can create a lot of stress on our bodies and minds. When in pain, our natural tendency is to try to stop it, or ignore it, but evidence shows that when we acknowledge and become aware of our physical pain, we get to know it and learn from it so we can manage it. This 16-minute pain management meditation can take at least some of your pain away, and make the pain you do have a little easier to tolerate.

Our womb is our feminine centre; the beginning of all of our creative energy which the Taoists refer to as the ‘Heavenly Palace’. Our heart guides us and in ancient texts was referred to as the ‘Emperor’. This 13-minute heart-womb meditation gives us the opportunity to connect our two sacred energy centres and unite them, resulting in us feeling more centred, in love with ourselves and joyful.