Red Raspberry Leaf Tea aka ‘The Women’s Tonic’

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Please join me in starting a Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Revolution!

Red raspberry leaf tea is affectionately known as ‘The Women’s Tonic’ due to its plethora of health benefits for women. This tea can be enjoyed by women in all cycles of her life. From late pregnancy to motherhood, up to menopause and into the mature years. Read on to find out more…

What is red raspberry leaf tea?

Red raspberry leaf tea is made from the leaves of the red raspberry plant that have been dried. The leaves are harvested before the plant flowers and are super high in antioxidants. This makes them an extremely potent source of vital nutrients. The tea has a greenish-grey colour to it and doesn’t taste like raspberries as one may assume!

Who is red raspberry leaf tea for?

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea has myriad of health benefits and can be enjoyed by everyone. However it’s been shown to be especially good for women in all cycles of her life, hence the nickname ‘The Women’s Tonic’. 

What makes red raspberry leaf tea so good for women?

1. Reproductive health

Fragarine, a plant compound within the herb strengthens and tones the muscles of your uterus. It also smoothes the lining which aids easier cycles. Cramps are caused by the spasms of these muscles, but when they’re smooth and relaxed, no more cramping! Toning and fortifying the walls of the uterus is essential in carrying a healthy baby, thereby naturally promoting fertility. Red raspberry leaves have a manganese content double that of any other herb. This makes it one of the richest sources of herbal manganese. Manganese helps to regulate your menstrual cycle, reduces PMS and heavy bleeding.

2. Pregnancy, labour and after giving birth

The tea has been shown to be high in folic acid as well as high in iron so helps to alleviate anemia, a common discomfort for pregnant women. It strengthens, tones and builds the tissue in your uterus, easing the pain of labour. This can prevent tearing during giving birth and reduces the risk of bleeding after birth. It also enriches early colostrum in breast milk.

A number of my sisters shared that they had drunk RRLT everyday throughout their pregnancy and felt very positive effects. One sister shard that she would experience Braxton Hicks contractions after drinking it. It may cause uterine contractions and induce early labour so it’s generally advised to drink from from post-36 weeks gestation.

While you’re pregnant, it’s important for you to listen to your body when consuming anything different to ensure it feels safe for both you and your child. You can see that RRLT has had different effects on different women so please practice due diligence when trying new products during pregnancy.

3. Children

Not technically classed as women but still very much appropriate for this list! A happy and healthy child = a happy and health mama. Red raspberry leaf tea can be used for stomach aches, diarrhea, dysentery, bleeding gums, mouth sores, as a sore throat gargle, an astringent for the flu and vomiting. It can even be used as a daily eye wash as well as swelling and inflammation.

4. Detoxifies and and reduces inflammation  

One of the most wonderful things about this herb is that it’s healing attributes remain intact for longer in the digestive tract and not lost to your stomach acids. Meaning you’re more likely to soak up all the incredible nutrients this has to offer. As the raspberry leaf is loaded with antioxidants, this herb is effective in cleansing and detoxifying the body, eliminating oxidative stress and getting rid of free radicals. It improves kidney function acting as a natural diuretic and relieves swelling of the bladder. Not only that, but it fights bad bacteria, and can help with reducing inflammation which is the root cause of ill health.    

5. Balances blood sugar

Metabolic issues and some hormonal imbalances are caused by unsteady blood sugar, especially when glucose is easily spiked. Drinking raspberry leaf tea can help to lower the level of glucose in the blood meaning it can level out energy levels and possibly speed up our metabolism.

6. Stress relief 

Red raspberry leaf tea is packed with B-complex vitamins which are known for their stress reducing properties. Stress has a major effect on only our Central Nervous System (CNS) but also our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which can contribute to a whole range of other issues in a woman’s body, from unstable hormones, to digestive issues, to brain fog. Drinking red raspberry leaf tea can help reduce stress and promote overall health and wellness. 

An overview of how it could support your health:

Bowel problemsDigestive issuesMiscarriage
BreastfeedingDysenteryMucous membrane
BronchitisEyewashNausea/morning sickness
CholeraFemale organsNervous conditions
ColdsFeverPregnancy & after birth
Coughs/sore throatHeartStrengthens uterus
CystitisHaemorrhoids Ulcers/sore mouth
DiabetesMeaslesVaginal discharge
An overview of how red raspberry could support your health

My experience of drinking red raspberry leaf tea

Red raspberry initially has a slightly medicinal feel to it and tends to make my mouth a little numb spoon the first few sips. When I spend time sipping very mindfully and meditating on the brew, I’m certain I can feel it’s healing effects within my mouth and down my throat. It also seems to make me burp which highlights some of the digestive issues I tend to suffer with, even when I’ve stretches of fasting and my digestive system is empty. Well, as empty as it can be after a lifetime of eating much of the wrong types of foods which have stuck to my intestinal walls creating mucoid plaque! But that’s for another article ..

Red raspberry tea has been a staple in my teapot for over just over a month and I’ve recently started gargling my mouth with it and alternating between washing my eyes out with it and salt water. It’s super gentle and brings a certain sparkle to my eyes, and hopefully my insides too!

No wonder it’s called The Women’s Tonic

Drink this incredibly healing tea daily to strengthen your body now as well as preparing for if/when you choose to have a child and fantastic for new mamas. A most powerful and nourishing herb for women to have in their kitchen. For my fellow Bali sisters, I’m yet to find a local source so I use Organic Dried Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Cut and Sifted from elif Tea & Tisane. Enjoy!

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